Typing Tutorial
We will teach you the touch typing method.

Choosing new lessons

It is very important to select suitable typing lessons. Find out and decide what kind of keyboard you want to learn on. Sometimes several keyboard types are offered for one language. Differences are usually in the position of some special signs on the keyboard.

It is good to start learning with a numeric keyboard. There are only a few lessons of this type, and this kind of keyboard is controlled by the right hand only.

The type of lessons will define how fast progress in reaching higher speed limit and error rate limit will be reached. Beginners lessons are less demanding. Lessons for more experience users will enable faster progress in learning new characters and two or three new ones will be presented with each new lesson.

The method of progress for new keys in the typing lessons is also important. There are two methods at your disposal.

1. Frequency method - most commonly used characters are taught first

- Each language uses a different alphabet, and each language has a different frequency of use for each character. Typing tutorial starts typing lessons with mostly used characters, and later typing lessons teach new characters which are used at a minimum in common text (For example: ~|<>). There is the disadvantage that users have to concentrate on complicated finger movements from the first lessons.

2. Symmetrical method - Expansion from the center of keyboard outwards

- Lessons start with characters which are defined by base position for fingers(It is asdfjkl; and space bar). It follows with the nearest characters around keys "f" and "j" and continues up to the upper keyboard row. There is the disadvantage that the first lessons cannot be created from real words, because there are not enough commonly used characters.

If your type of keyboard is not included in our application, then please contact us. We will try to extend our program as soon as possible to include your keyboard.

Choose type of lessons

Each user can learn using several types of keyboards. New typing lessons will be created for each keyboard according to information in the user profile. Users can choose previously used typing lessons, or create new ones.

TypingTutorial offers following keyboards:
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Swiss
  • numeric keypad (numpad)

If there is a need to practice special words, then the user can create his own text file for copying.

How to get own text files for practicing?

1. Save text from text editor. Save it with extension TXT (Text documents). Applications such as Notepad, Wordpad or MS Word can be used.

2. Search for TXT or DOC files in any internet explorer. For example Google.com offers search option "filetype:txt".

3. Copy and Paste method (CTRL C/CTRL V). Any part of text from the web page can be copied into Notepad editor and save as TXT file.

Select typing lesson

Typing tutorial automatically generates a set of lessons for each selected keyboard. To copy text from those lessons will teach you touch typing. To continue with next lessons it is necessary to complete the last lesson within specified limits.

A button "Skip to next lesson" can be used, however it is not recommended to use this button, because it is important to complete each lesson within the defined limits.

List of lessons contains several columns where interesting information can be found.

Each line contains: number of lesson; lesson description; speed limit; error rate limit; number of tries to complete lesson; total time which was spent with this lesson; date and time of last try; the best typing speed; the best error rate.