Typing Tutorial
We will teach you the touch typing method.

Healthy sitting with the keyboard

It is very important to have control over your body posture whilst sitting. It sounds pretty easy, but many people sit with a curved back or with crossed legs... Wrong sitting position can clearly damage your health. Back pain, problem with lassitude and headaches could be caused. There is much discussion about the best sitting position at the present time. There is one point of view that everybody needs a different position, because the spine is different for each person. Therefore the best sitting position has to be defined individually.

Basic rules for correct sitting position
with keyboard

1. Use a chair with adjustable height. Don't use a low chair. It is always better to sit higher.

2. The angle between the side and the thigh should be around 90°; Angle between thigh and calf should be greater then 90°

3. Main backrest should start near to pelvis and pelvis should be gently pushed forwards.

4. Sit staight. There should be a space between the legs. Don't push out your chin.

5. More detailed information about the hands and their positions is described under the section typing theory.

Appropriate sitting position

MUDr. Jana Markvartová