Typing Tutorial
We will teach you the touch typing method.

Colored characters, colored fingers and colored keyboard

Typing Tutorial supports a teaching method where colors are used, which are assigned to each finger.

This means that each finger has it's own color which is used for colored characters in copying text. In the case that one character is typed as a sequence of several keystrokes, then only one dominant color is used. For example, if a user copies the character "D", then the combination SHIFT+"d" is used. The dominant key is "d", therefore the user will see the color of left middle finger.

Program settings offer options for text ("Color fingering"), or options for keyboard and fingers ("Use colored keyboard. Each color belongs to one finger")

See picture with colored text:
a - left little finger
s - left ring finger
d - left middle finger
f - left index finger
Space bar - thumb
j - right index finger
k - right middle finger
l - right ring finger
; - right little finger